air condition trunking

Air condition trunking allow for simple and aesthetic execution of installations with corresponding angular and finishing elements. Rounded air duct lines will inconspicuously engage in the surroundings of your premises.

air condition trunking

air condition trunking

air condition trunking

The advantage of air condition trunking

  • Exceptional quality
  • First-class PVC granulate
  • Self-extinguishing materials
  • UV-stabilized
  • Easy to clean
  • Aesthetics

air condition trunking

Name Code Tag Dimension Packing Image
Duct 41020 KK 80×60 mm 16 m
Tightening clamp 41021 PE 80×60 mm 20 kom
Flat bend 41022 LE 80×60 mm 8 kom
Internal bend 41023 NE 80×60 mm 6 kom
External bend 41024 ZE 80×60 mm 9 kom
Wall bend 41025 KEM 80×60 mm 6 kom
Wall duct 41026 PEM 80×60 mm 8 kom
T joint 41027 TE 80×60 mm 4 kom
Coupler 41028 SE 80×60 mm 20 kom
End cap 41029 KE 80×60 mm 12 kom

Why Provinil?

The advantages that Provinil offers you


PVC fences are made in white, light gray and light brown.


PVC is resistant to all household cleaners.


PVC plastic products have exceptional durability.


Fast and reliable installation of PVC fence.


Extremely long life of PVC products.


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